Whisky tastings. Nothing else.

Welcome to the WhiskyWheel - the different kind of sorting whisky tastings!
You'll probably know sorting whiskies by their region. This can be for example the Highlands, Speyside or Islay for Scotch, Whiskey from Ireland, Kentucky or Tennessee, also also from locations far away like Japan or India. But is there anybody who drinks only whiskies from a special region? Rather not. But enjoying whisky with a special type of character? Like sherry casks finishes or very peated bottlings? Rather yes. And this is the idea behind WhiskyWheel: Sorting whiskies by their special character.
The wheel below shows the three main characters of Pure, Smoky and Finished with each two intermediate categories. Just click on them and enjoy discovering bottlings and tastings notes.
And of course you are invited to participate by publishing your notes and impressions of your tasted whiskies, too. Help other whisky enthusiasts to find spirits matching their preference. Thank you and Slainte mhath!

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